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Go Rogue!

Delivering an effective presentation is not a challenging task. Being a student, you can make out the required rules and skills. Some of the advices that we usually hear before going to present are stay confident, maintain eye contact, and relax your mood and so on.

What if everybody is following the same criteria of making attractive slides, captivating start, and a conclusive end? You are also planning to get online services for custom PowerPoint presentation as a solution. Am I right?

Hold on……..I am going to share some ideas that are breaking conventional rules and methods. Do not read forward if you do not want to go rogue!


Dress Up Unique:

You are supposed to dress up in a formal way for your presentations. You will agree for sure. I would say that try to overdress, somewhat weird. You need to just relate your attire to your topic of presentation. Just consider yourself as a physical appearance of your message. For example, while working on any environmental issue, you can think of pasting leaves to your dress with a sad face.

No Slides At All!

Is it necessary to use slides during presentation? No! Though it supports in making your point clear to the audience, but it cause to deviate them from yourself too. Ultimately, ‘you’ should be the centre of attention and not the content. Audience must be interested in whatever you deliver, not what you show them on screen. Remember, you must be very tricky to do so as it is not a walk in the park.


Use Physical Tools Smartly:

Physical tools are used normally during presentations. So, you need to use them out of the normal track. Here are some examples, set up blocks and then pull out one to show the importance of each customer, use fork to explain four points related to food industry, compare between physical basket ball and a tennis ball etc.
You can opt for an astonishing attempt this time. I hope you are ready to go rogue.